The Effect of GTA5

GTA5 is really good and it’s very existence gives me hope. Why?

It’s just pure fun. Every aspect is enjoyable. Shooting is simple, snappy and trouble-free. Driving is thrilling and tight, cars do what you expect them to (with a bit of practice). Even walking and hiking are good thanks to the environment and minor stat improvements. It feels like a game that was completed a long time ago and spent a lot of time being refined.

It’s inspiring.

What am I gonna take from it? More attention to detail. More little secrets. If you think something should happen if you build up a string of events then it will. That everything in the next game will be fun. No grinding for minor rewards (Big Sky’s final weapons, Lunnye’s coin quest). Proper analytical breakdown of each part of the game.

Because I think more games need that. Even the greatest games this year (Bioshock, Saint’s Row 4) all had points that felt a drag, confusing or boring. As crazy as Saint’s Row 4 is, the overpowered characters soon become too boring. I’ve yet to die in that game due to the total lack of challenge, the combat is excellent but there isn’t much to fight you. It was a normal sandbox game with characters that were too big for it. Remember that big Paul fight? Wouldn’t it be nice if they were random events later in the game; un-scripted battles with little superhero you and a giant.

And that’s the beauty of GTA5. Everything is the right size, all the rewards and end-game content is fulfilling.


I wanted this to be a proper breakdown of what makes GTA5 enjoyable but it’s just a mindspill of slovenly love for a game that has been properly cooked.

So for the next game;

  • Constant revisions of sub-game mechanics to make it enjoyable.
  • Persistent challenge. Always have an enemy that’s slightly more powerful than you.
  • Locomotive gameplay: keep non-gameplay moments short, remove when not necessary. Keep players in the game.
  • You can swear.
  • Remove all barriers, but if player hits a barrier get them back up quickly.

2 thoughts on “The Effect of GTA5

  1. Depending on how well it performs I’ll probably end up on that too. Since the Online portion was released I haven’t even touched the main game, so I don’t mind my save not copying over.

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