Naming a project has always been a big thing for me during development. Either the name just magically appeared and sounded awesome (Big Sky), had a seperate project name (Hadal) that became something so perfectly fitting (Wake) or was just a hugely inspiring song (Lunnye Devitsy). Trying to pin down a name for THE NEXT GAME is rather tough.

It has a project name, but it’s a giveaway as to what genre it is. But the first word in it is MAD **** (number of asterisks is incorrect, or is it?).

Tormishire’s name came from a rock found in our garden.

Satan Sam’s name was thought up during a holiday to France when I was 11.

DETH. Well God knows. I was 7 when I made this game so there you go! I was pumped up on Doom at the time.

Boss Baddie’s name came from a street near where I live “Cooper Street”, “well it’s almost Kooper, isn’t it? You know, the boss baddie of Mario”.

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