Satan Sam


I’ve started work on porting over The New Satan Sam from Multimedia Fusion 1.5 to Fusion 2.5. I don’t know if it will definitely be released since there’s looooads to do for it. I’d have to go through each frame deleting old objects, replacing with new ones and trying my best to sort out my crazy engine layout.

But hey! Let’s not get bogged down in that!

For starters the update will feature;

  • Full xbox 360 controller (XNA) support
  • SHADERS. Because it’s easy to add those
  • Difficulty modes to have different effects and rewards (STEAM CHEVOS)
  • Updated art. Everything will be combed over with a 2×2 or 4×4 pixel brush.
  • 2 soundtracks. My original and a remix one by MrPineapple
  • Gameplay tweaks to make it more fun

I’ve been playing around with Fusion 2.5 since it was launched and there are loads of super cool new features I can make use of for this. But those are for another day!

But ultimately it will just be a port. I won’t be adding new levels, bosses, powers or weapons, just fixing old ones.¬†

I started this game 8 years ago. Eep.

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