In 2003ish I installed a frontlight onto my GBA (the original model) because DAMN that thing was impossible to use. That was my first time with modding. I installed a dial on the top of the device to control the amount of light and it was ugly. Also, the display didn’t look right either.

A couple of months ago I discovered that people had been installing GBA SP 101 displays (backlit, opposed to frontlit) but they required a tiny bit of modding. Not wanting to try and fix my horrible GBA I just ordered one from eBay, pre-modded. “! Wow!!” I said, with that initial silent exclamation, here is a comfy and great handheld with a terrific display! Let’s not stop here!

I fished out my Gameboy Pocket and ordered a backlight kit for that. The kit was bad and broke the display, so I ordered a new second-hand one.

I’m currently awaiting arrival of a cheap GBA SP so I can gut the frontlight and stick it in my Gameboy Color. The end-results look great with that method, apparently!

Oh here are some images!1496184_10152184999655432_291422821_o 1498017_10152184999915432_259632534_o 1523796_10152184999570432_1009464334_o 1524023_10152185000340432_141862758_o 1519692_10152184999605432_152064385_o 1523821_10152185000300432_492172075_o

It’s great to have something that was bad now be ultra-useful. There are still a lot of great Gameboy games out there!


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