Boss Baddie 2014

I never like talking about what we’re doing when the projects release is unknown. So this is a “we’re still busy” notification! (I also feel I can talk a little more freely here, like it’s all off-record even though it isn’t)

-At the moment I’m directly working on two PC/Steam games. One is completely new, it’s partially an experimental game but with a mainstream fa├žade. I think I’ve mentioned this one before. I started working on this early last year but due to working elsewhere, bringing over my other games to Steam and taking a mini sabbatical/long Christmas holiday it’s taking its time. And rightly so. I consider all my games kind of messy. At GamesCom 2012 I shared a hotel (NOT ROOM) with Nifflas (a good egg) and he showed me Knytt Underground’s source. I was blown away by how complex and simple it was, and ashamed at how messy Really Big Sky had become. It wasn’t RBS’s fault though. Everything in that game is built on top of the Big Sky foundation, and it’s sloppy. So this new game is really clean and I’m really proud of it. I’m not a coder, I’m a designer first and foremost so this is all quite new for me. Anywho, that’s one. We have a musician called Ben K Adams providing the music and it’s a perfect match for what I have in mind.

-The other project. I’m hesitant to call it a sequel, a port or an update. To be honest I’m not sure where I’ll go with it. It’s a game MrPineapple and myself have wanted to do for a while now and he’ll be providing the music. Expect both games on Steam this year. My work schedule on these two is quite fun, 9-5 on project 1, after tea to whenever things start to hurt on the other!

-The rest? Caroline will be leading our console games. We have a couple of things going on there but can’t say anything just yet.One of these projects has pixel art graphics and I’m loving the return!

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