I bought an Apple Watch


I bought an Apple Watch and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s the fancy stainless steel black one. It looks really nice! Thankfully Apple have a generous “no questions asked” 2-week return policy and I’m still within that window. Which is nice because I love wearable tech and the Apple Watch has positioned itself as the premium end-of-level boss.

I like the watch. Here are my thoughts starting with things I don’t like about it.

  • I can only sync one photo folder. I have my whole photo library on iCloud, so why can’t I access my pics there? It’s not an ideal photo viewer, but it has its uses.
  • The Photo Album face. I thought it would cycle through my synced photos, but instead it displays my whole (ordered by date taken, earliest first!) photo library. Why can’t I choose which Album to use?
  • Being unable to change any ringtones.
  • Time Lapse face seems to be out of sync. At midnight I checked through all the faces, all except London and Paris were dark. I check at 7am this morning and London is showing as if its midnight. I can only assume it’s using the Cupertino timezone as the base for Time Lapse? Or its buggy. I dunno.
  • Touch screen isn’t that responsive. I find it swiping through either 0 or 2 glance panels.
  • If music is playing through the watch or it’s remotely controlling another device, whilst the screen is dark the dial should (optionally) control music volume, or at least big rotations should. Not having to look at my Pebble when controlling music was the best feature of that watch and I’m surprised there haven’t been steps to make the Apple Watch as good for that.
  • Ability to add complications to the Time Lapse+Photo faces.
  • Doesn’t connect with bluetooth headsets (works with headphones though).
  • Separate “Screen on for X seconds on wake” option for nightstand and normal use.
  • Siri tells me to “check my iPhone” for things you think the watch could do – like when asking where a friend’s location is.
  • No voice for Siri!
  • I’d like a nice solid confirmation from Apple on how waterproof it is. I want to go swimming with it to track my heartrate and activity.
  • The apps aren’t very “app-like”. They seem to be just lists. I hope this gradually changes with OS2.

So with the negative things out the way let’s go on about the good stuff!

  • Never missing a call. My Pebble only works in range of my phone.
  • It’s helping me be more active than my Nike Fuelband. Though the “stand reminders” whilst watching films is pretty annoying.
  • I never wanted to lower my heartrate so much before. Lovely game in itself.
  • It feels great to wear despite how bulky it looks.
  • Battery life. Even with constant use I still end the day with 20-35% battery left.
  • Night stand mode is great and has the potential to replace my alarm clock.


Ultimately I’m not sure what to do with it. I want to keep it for fitness tracking.

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