Kicked out of the GTA pool


I play a lot of GTA Online, it’s a nice game after all. My raison d’etre is to hunt out people with bounties. I’ve played for a long time but I’m only level 135 due to the way I play, avoiding missions and mini games and the other huge things they filled their world with. I think I’m quite good at it. But even I come up against a big problem built into the game. The Bad Sports pool.

You can get classed as a Bad Sport by destroying other players vehicles, people voting you out, leaving lobbied games early, and I’m sure some other things too.

The time you must spend in a Bad Sport pool increases each time you enter it. Whilst in these servers you don’t see many others, in my last stint I saw two people in the whole month of my tenure. Maybe it’s an EU server thing? I dunno. The regular servers are usually full these days. There’s no reason to play at this point – Rockstar have achieved their goal. Bad players are removed from the game.

This time however I abandoned the game. I must stress here that they don’t owe me anything. Just because I’ve put lots of time in means nothing and I accept that. I spent that month playing Mario Maker, Smash Bros Wii U, Metal Gear Solid V, that Rapture game on the PS4… I had a great time with my now-broken addiction. It felt like a relief.

But I have an idea.

Bad Sports could be a lot more fun. In-game, they should be treated like criminals. They should have;

  • Bounties that return 30 minutes after being killed. Keep them on the run.
  • Police act slightly more brutal, perhaps no 1-star cop chases and have them go straight to 2 or 3-stars.
  • Reduce the amount of EXP and money they receive.
  • No variable stretches in the Bad Sport pool – all visits last 1 week.
  • Daily payments cost more because the landlord/garage chap need to pay for additional security.


So why was I put into the Bad Sport pool? I’m a hunter in the game, taking down bounties. This makes you enemies. If you take down someone in a clan you can expect the others to try and kick you off the server (adding to your Bad Sport counter). Destroying a car with a bounty player in 99% of the time doesn’t cost you anything, but sometimes it glitches and you end up paying and adding to your Bad Sport counter. What pushed mine over was a really stupid situation, one that I didn’t record because I immediately switched the PS4 off hoping it wouldn’t save. I summoned a plane to fly away from a previous target. As I was getting into the plane two cars approached me and blew my plane up, which caused both cars to also blow up. I was charged for both cars and placed on the Bad Sport pool rather unfairly I thought. I’ve never even had a rampage in a tank!

Additionally, I’ve reported 7 cheaters using their old banhammer email account and countless others using the in-game reporting system. Cheaters need to be removed from the main games pool, not those killing others regardless of their actions.


Be nice to us bounty hunters. It’s a very fun way to play, and mostly risk-free.


Yours sincerely,

Taylor Swift


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