Stratonauts and 2016

Well another year went by without Stratonauts being released, or even displayed.

In November we got the keys to our new house so work has been split 45-45-10 to Strato, the house, and Star Wars Battlefront. I’ve got a bunch of vines here


But finally the game is finalised. Stratonauts has always been about discovering a game around a core feature. That feature has been greatly expanded upon since it was born in early 2013! So what can I talk about?

  • It’ll be coming to PC for sure. Consoles are still undecided because;
  • It’ll launch with half the intended content. That’s still a huge game. The other half includes content designed but held back due to time constraints, and content to be designed from feedback when it launches. The game has been developed to support a huge amount of content, unlike Really Big Sky where I was constantly battling with my archaic data structure.
  • It’ll feature music by Ben K Adams as well as Boss Baddie regular MrPineapple.
  • There are no game modes. There’s one big PLAY button and the modes reveal themselves during gameplay.
  • It’s arcade in that plays are short, but there are loads of secrets and stuff to unlock. There’s also story but it’s done in a way that if you just want to play you can totally just do that.

I know a lot of the footage I’ve shown has a blue colour scheme to it, but that’s just because the default colour is blue and the first area is blue. Sorry! I’ll try and find some red for you.


Apologies I could only find a purple one.


Oh wait there’s a nice orange/golden one.

fave so far

This one’s quite old when it was more pastel toned.

But where are we up to?!

Quite far as it turns out. The giant “DO THIS” list is maybe 10-20 entries big and it’s currently further along than its ever been. At least.

The big things are all complete such as the menu, the multiplayer stuff. Actually let’s talk about this! A big problem with Big Sky was the awkward control support. Sometimes it work, sometimes it didn’t, and at one point it was the source of a huge slow down! I spent a week making a really nice control system that will work with all controllers that Windows can recognise, and if you want to dig through the settings file it will probably work in ways you really wouldn’t think of (like play it single player but have one player control the vertical movement and another player control the horizontal). I’ve built a sub-positioning system, time scaling, camera zoom into it… and they’re all used.

We also have 3 games planned to use this engine.


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