Apple Watch silliness

So, a year ago I bought an Apple Watch. Stainless Steel, black sports band. This was back on WatchOS 1. I didn’t have much use for it back then so after one week of ownership I returned it… and bought my bow.

But! Here we are just under a year later. I did it again. I bought the same model and felt very guilty. But the whole time I considered returning it, so 3 days later I did that. That morning I decided on trying out the Sport model instead. If you’d like to know the details we were out in Leeds getting replacement arrows for Caroline (just plain ol’ aluminium ones). Leeds city centre was nearby and figured it’d be worth driving the short distance over and doing the swap. And that we did, we then had dinner at Wagamama’s where I dropped the (now empty) Apple Watch box on the floor which turns out to be the loudest sound ever recorded.

And it’s glorious. The Sport model is, in my opinion, the best of the lot.

  1. It’s super duper light. It’s only 1/3 lighter than the steel model but you really feel it, or rather you don’t. I wear my bands real tight now and it isn’t uncomfortable in the slightest.
  2. The display is much more clearer. I’m sure there’s a technical term for it so let’s try that; the viewing angle is much steeper, the colours are brighter, there’s less reflection (or rather you can see the screen through reflections better).
  3. This one isn’t mine, but apparently the aluminium casing is less prone to damage than the stainless steel one (except the rock solid black one). So the screen is weaker, but still withstands day to day bangings just fine, but the body is stronger probably?

But! The point of this is to saaaaave you money. Apple makes, admittedly, incredible watch straps. Problem is they have a hefty price tag. The cheap knock-offs on eBay don’t. And this is what I’m here to saaaaay.

Sports Band

My previous favourite band. It’s durable and simple. But over the course of the day I find it irritates a little bit, there’s not much room for sweat to evacuate the body. Replicas are very close to identical, the button holes are smaller and the lock piece is larger so it’s slightly harder to remove – but that’s a good thing.



Milanese Loop

They feel like bands of liquid metal. Very comfortable, they don’t have that irritating factor lots of the other bands have. The replicas are again very close to the real thing, except these ones come in many more colours (I quite like the blue one). I’ve noticed they do slide down over the day but if you’re like me you’ll find yourself playing with it frequently. It does catch hairs, though. So watch out!


Leather Loop

Something between the sports band in immediate comfort and the Milanese Loop in terms of locking. The whole band is embedded with tiny magnets that lock it in place very securely. Again it’s so close to the real thing, but I imagine it’s either not leather or a cheaper one. Which is fine! It’s just a bloody watch after all. These also come in many more colours than Apple’s, my favourite is the red one. I’m wearing it right now as I type this.


Nylon Strap

Nah. It’s the furthest from Apple’s quality of all the replicas. And the buckle fastener is a step back compared to the loop bands. (Hey! A nylon strap with a magnetic lock would be pretty neat, Apple)

And that’s it for now. I’m writing this out on an iPad so I’m now going to attempt to make this all RICH CONTENT but I can’t promise anything. Wish me luck.


Hey let’s just write up about the watch in general! I backed the original Pebble years ago because I was feeling flush from good things at work, but then I ended up paying import costs too and I felt less flush. It was neat and that day I headed out to buy posh headphones, because now I could control the music on my phone easily. Same day I also picked up a Nike Fuelband and it kickstarted (see that there?) a mini fitness thing. If I was underperforming for the day I’d go for a long walk or something to reach my goal. It was nice! But the band got old. The Pebble’s also showing its age now too. So in one big sexy swoop I thought I’d replace the lot and get an Apple Watch. It’s also really useful for not missing phone calls. I’ve got an app called Dark Sky that let’s me know when my rainy city is going to rain (and equally importantly when it’s going to stop), and after a weeks use it has been right 100% of the time. Let’s me plan out trips to the shop or town centre without getting too wet.

Its not a device for everyone. Or maybe it is. Yeah it is. You need to get one. You need to know your heart rate and get reply to text messages on the go. You’re an idiot for not wanting one. You don’t need the expensive one either for fucks sake.

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