Titan Omega

Titan Omega is a space shooter, similar to such classics as R-Type, UN Squadron and co. TO is the life changing adventure of 4 pilots in search of the elusive and destructive ‘Core’ whose soul aim is to destroy earth. The game contains many play modes, many unlockables and 13 grand levels. Full of enemies to be taken down with a vast arsenal of weapons. Complete with a team command system, levelling up system and multiplayer modes to add a degree of strategy to the game.

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Full Game (17mb)

6 thoughts on “Titan Omega

  1. This game is truely amazing, but you shouldnt of added gambling, I got addicted! Lol, if there is a sequel keep it in :). What I love about it is it’s commercial-ness.

  2. I have spoke to you before and you were generous enough to help me out when i previously asked you about your work. I am currently Studying Multimedia at Tameside College and was wondering if u could help me? I am wanting to create a game of a similar style as Titan Omega for my final major project.

    If you are able to help me please respond to Slatersgang@aol.com.



  3. cam you work in a game similar to castlevania for psx,saturn or nds??? why not???? thin it about it. see ya!!! great job my favorite is chikun.

  4. A friend and i were playing, him as first player, when i noticed that first player gets better things, moves faster, and has overall less chance to die than the 3 other ships. This game would be much better i think, if when you have more than one player, they use the same or similar ships.

  5. I don’t typically reply to posts but I will in this situation.
    my God, i believed you were heading to chip in with some decisive insght at the finish there, not depart it
    with ‘we go away it to you to decide’.

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