Samurai MK2

Samurai is a unique fighting game based on a balance of Wisdom (Strategy) and Speed (Reaction). All the worlds ultramega-class fighters have been gathered in a hotel somewhere in the north-west of England, 13 miles north of Manchester, near Huddersfield. However due to problems with the postal service only a number of invitations arrived, thus explaining the 24 characters in this game.

Samurai is a perfect game for; having a few minutes of fun on, solving quarrels over land usage, deciding who will win the world cup, selecting a spouse and so forth.

The game has 2 game modes;

*Wisdom (Strategy)… The player takes turns in a battle, the player has a list of moves he/she can perform.
*Speed (Reaction)… Hand/eye co-ordination is the key here. When the Flashy Sign (c) appears the player must hit the attack or defend key.

You begin with only 3 fighters, but by beating the game over receives more characters.

Full Game (4.5mb)

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