Futuristic basketball madness. Originally intended as a multiplayer game, Jetball also has a single player function and supports up to 4 players. Small game with an Amiga style. Features a multitude of options to customise the game and a ham soundtrack with half the tracks made by me! Enjoy this little sample of gaming, like a mini quiche at a family ‘do’ or other nibbely delights found at public conventions.

Full Game (1.5mb)

9 thoughts on “Jetball!

  1. “Enjoy this little sample of pure gaming, like a mini quiche at a family ‘do’ or other nibbely delights found at public conventions.”


    This is enough for me to download and have a look. Awesome site man, awesome projects and (hopefully) equally awesome games.

    Muchos Kudos dude =]

  2. Great game, at least the training.
    I would really enjoy to try it with friends but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the controls, so in VERSUS one control 3 characters.
    Really sad because it seems amazingly cool : low gravity basketball with a cool system of defense paddle = WOOOA !
    I also report matters with ECHAP key trying to quit a match or a menu and the fact we actually see the ball in Ghost Mode.
    One more thing : using jetpack on top of screen result in multiple bounds.
    Hard to control and i’m not sure it was intended this way but it’s quite a fun tactic :-)

  3. The following are what I’ve sussed so far. I’ve not figured out how to exit the game completely yet, apart from the three fingered salute, lol

    I hope the following adds to the enjoyment of this gae.

    While in the main menu pressing Ctrl will bring up the rules. You can change these by using the cursor keys The up and down arrows select the particular rule and the L and R keys change the parameters of the selected rule:


    Players – 1, 2 or 4 players
    Time Limit – 1 to 99 minutes
    Score limit – 1 to 99
    Fuel – Yes or No
    Travelling Penalty – Yes or No
    Dark Match – Yes or No
    Defence Paddles – Yes or No
    Slam Dunk Box – Yes or No
    Music – Off or select from several titles

    F1 pauses the game
    F2 Restarts the game from the initial splash screen
    Ctrl while in menu will bring up the rules
    Enter Starts game

    You can select from versus or training.



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