Tormishire is a large scale, semi-linear, action adventure. You play a chap who ends up in a world full of strange things. There’s a lot to see and do! Work began in 2006 and is still in active development.
As well as the game I’m also making a hand-drawn Tormishire art book with guides, character art, maps and other little details.
Bullet points!
  • Lots of items, powers, weapons and a melee based combat system
  • Huge living world full of life and death
  • 2 player co-op (optional)
  • Big bosses
  • Vast world to explore
  • Religions and pineapples
  • Boats
  • Politicians


OST Sampler

28 thoughts on “Tormishire

  1. Seems like an interesting project, I’m looking forward to it’s release. I enjoyed satan sam quite a lot, I miss the days of simple platforms and 16/32 bit entertainment. Would love to hear any new news on it when things are more concrete.

    -Nat Marcano

  2. I recently discovered this website through Google. I have to say that the Satan Sam game is very fun and I congratulate your efforts. Are you planning on going into a large game company?

  3. Just wanted say, your games are excellent. I just discovered TGF2 and downloaded the demo. So, I decided to go looking for people who have created games with TGF2 or MMF2. You’re by far the best I’ve seen, so far. Good job. I’ll be lookin forward to playin tormishire.

  4. from what i’ve seen of your games i expect this to be a great game, and from what i have read about the concept and mechanics of this game, it looks beautiful!

  5. Discovered this game through Indie Gala bundle. Trailer looks absolutely amazing. Besides I’m intrigued by the co-op.
    I’ll keep an eye on this game.

  6. So I downloaded the OST with an Indiegala bundle… It’s been on my music player ever since. I’ll admit that I found Lunnye and Wake to be a little “scrappy” – showing my age, I guess – but I’d happily pay for a game with that music.

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