Paintball Series

I started the series with Paintball War in 1999 and finished with Paintwar 4: Crossfire in 2002. All games in the series are top-down shooters controlled by the mouse. You control 4 soldiers, each skilled in their own field. You have to harness their skills to complete each map, to destroy all the enemies and destroy their base. The game has numerous game modes and features. Released in 1998/9.

Paint War 2 continues the style of the series. You only control 1 soldier this time and you can unlock new weapons as the game progresses.

Paintwar 3: The North Isle was a fangame to the series that inspired me – Cannon Fodder. It was never finished. It plays more like Paintball War 1 and has an overworld map with “first person” sniper missions.

Paintwar 4: Crossfire has randomly generated levels and upgradeable stats and weapons.

Download Full Collection (10mb)

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