30 March 2005

Well its been a while. But there is a bucket load of good news! Music is now being done by a very good friend of mine, Mr. Pineapple. A few people have heard the current soundtrack but the general attitude is that its amazing. The bad side to this the overall game size is going to bump up somewhat as its all MP3.

Production has stopped for a short while until I either get my own windows PC or I could steal one of the family computers... ^_~


02 January 2005

Massive improvements in the battle system. Players can now shuffle the team to whatever positions they want, only adds personalization. Players can now choose the colours of the in-game menu systems.
Characters stat boxes have been redesigned.
Adaptive upgrade system now complete, depending on how you fight in-game your character will upgrade in a different way, more attacking means a higher power increase but lower defence increase. Hopefully this system will force players to be a little more dynamic in battles.
Began work on Springhead, the central hub of the Madventures world and therefore a very large place indeed! probably will be the biggest area's you get to visit. The whole village has been recreated very accurately too.

On a separate note I'll be purchasing a wee 12" Apple Powerbook just after the MacWorld expo in a week or so meaning production may slump for a little while but thanks to Virtual PC Madventures will still carry on!