Ah, the DVD, wonderful invention what?

When Madventures is finished, possibly earlier, us (The Love Rockets) will be releasing a special DVD edition of the game.

Now then... DVD's come in 2 flavours; 4Gb and 9Gb. That's a lot of space, especially for a 2D RPG. Which is why DVD edition owners get a lot more than just a game. The DVD will contain;

Because we're not that bothered with making a profit on a game (long live freeware!) the DVD will cost around 2 (5). Just enough to cover DVD production and delivery. As well as that, as an experiment, we're placing a few DVD's on eBay for the hell of it.

Of course you can always download the game if its just the game your interested in. This would go online but a 4Gb download would just cripple 56k modem users.

If you are interested in this send me an email (james@satansam.co.uk) to be put on the waiting list. Just so we know how many DVDs to burn!