The battle system
The game uses a very similar battle system used in an old game of mine called Samurai Mk2. Basically its an ATB system, a much more dynamic way of fighting compared to regular turn based. Each player can carry a specialist weapon which is then upgraded up to 3 times. The player can do 3 things during thier turn; Attack (melee attack), Weapon (takes off PP but does much more damage) and Defend (doubles defence points until next turn).
The engine is dynamic, it supports 5 characters (which need to be gained) and 3 enemies at any one point and a comprehensive (but simple) levelling up system.

The battle system UPDATED!
Most of the work recently (December 2004) has been aimed towards the battle engine. Players can now use up to 3 unique moves for each character (depending on weapons), experience an adaptive upgrade system, fight against bad guys with a set of moves, use a help box which guides the player around menus and such, combine moves together for awesome attacks. The engine is truly massive and it will continue to grow.

The Tunnel, Grotton
This is where the game begins. Based upon one fateful day when a group of us travelled through a mysterious abandoned train tunnel not far from where we live. Naturally this acts as the practice section to the game, giving players a feel of what to expect from later parts in the game. You start off with all 5 characters with thier lowest weapon and are pitted against bats and snakes.

Springhead baby!
The entire game is based in Springhead, Oldham, northern england. Well really its the eastern part of Oldham, it will feature a huge map containing the beautiful Springhead village, deep dark Lees, the mountain folk of Harts Head, the beautiful epic lakes of Dovestones as well as a load of other places. And my old school :) and possibly the town Oldham itself.

As mentioned everywhere and everywhen, Madventures now has its own musician (hooray! my ear piercing mods will be heard no more!) who has currently produced 16 tracks, 16 or 18 i forget! However many tracks, they are all brilliant, from the fast and 'gay disco' battle theme to the quite triumphant world map music, Madventures covers it all. cheers piney!