30 March 2005
Weeeeell nothing much has happened except the soundtrack is being produced by a semi-pro musician. And that I thought this game when an old hard drive failed, only to be rescued from a backup disc made on the 10th of Jan.

02 January 2005
Feels a little strange writing 2005, and even stranger still is that in 5 more years it will be 2010! Just pop into your flying car and click on the DVD section please?

23 December 2004
Sorry for the lack of updates but there is a very good reason! Madventures has progressed significantly. Mainly to do with the battle engine. I've uploaded a few in-game screenshots as well as a few more 'drawings'. Enjoy!

09 December 2004
After a major setback with the battle engine (a lot of new coding was lost including some lovely effects -_-) and therefore a break of a few days crying I've gone back to work and produced a rather savvy title screen. It looks average as a still so you'll have to wait for a trailer or even the full game. Training section almost done.

01 December 2004
Website started!

20 November 2004
Concept devised, test graphics done, game BORN.