What is Madventures of the Love Rockets?
Yea I've had enough with the cryptic images. Madventures of the Love Rockets is an RPG based on the adventures of my mates. How did it come to be? Original transcript from some months ago;

Jim: I bet our adventures would make a good game.
Adam: It would.

Thus it began! November 20th whilst walking to Oldham with my girlfriend Caroline the idea was born. A full blown RPG starring us. With minigames playing a major part in the game.

So what exactly is it?
A full blown but light-hearted RPG starring me and my mates in a series of adventures and minigames. With each member of the Love Rockets adding thier own bit to the game, with me (Jay) doing the coding and graphics, Mr.Pineapple doing the amazing soundtrack and um...

When is it out?
Probably not 2005, very likely 2006.