Titan Omega Revelations is set after the Titan Genesis war in an alternate story/dimension to Titan Exodus 1 and 2.

Many years ago after a swift and violent massacre, the human race was almost extinct. To preserve the species a group of scientists gathered to create the Genesis. A man-made moon that stored 3 items, also named The Trinity, to help future generations, even to help create a new planet. Each piece of the Trinity was important each one balanced on another piece creating a harmonious link. The trinity included;

The Archive. A giant database, both physical and computer data containing DNA patterns, information about species and all documentation about 'life'.
The Machine. The mechanical centre of the Genesis. The brute force and power of the machine is the engine and power station of Genesis
The Core. The very essence of the artificial creation process. The heart and soul of Genesis.

Almost as quickly as the Genesis was made, it was gone. Simply left to explore the universe and spread mankind to other worlds.

However, many years later, the Genesis returned again to earth. Its system infected with a horrifying virus that corrupted its data files, its Archive, but most sinister; its purpose of being. The Genesis launched an attack against the planet which made it. A group of 4 fighters named The Genesis Freedom Fighters set out to destroy this piece of hell floating chaotically above the earth.

Genesis was destroyed. But the victory only last 10 years. After the Genesis was deemed safe to enter research teams poured in to investigate with one aim; to find and analyse the Core to find out what went wrong. After months of searching there was one conclusion; The Core had vanished. The only part left was the Machine which explained nothing.


Then, one day, an unknown planet appeared alongside the Genesis. An artificial moon.
The Core has returned... and so have the Freedom Fighters.


The story is explained through cut scenes (mainly talking between the pilots), briefings (explanation of the area's involvement with the Core and its history) and a few motion images.