This is an adventure game I've been making for the last 2 years. It's not quite done just yet either, but I'm getting there. In the game you play an orange suited man who runs around with a blue monkey mouse like thing through a really quite giant planet. There's a lot more to it but that's saved for the game itself. Some pasted info>

- An entire planet (technically an asteroid I spose) to explore with a unique map layout spread over 5 chapters
- Full 2 player co-op; CPU or human
- Varied paths, multiple routes and gameplay methods
- Full Xbox 360 controller support including rumble, analogue sticks and triggers
- Downloadable Content support with custom servers
- 41 collectable items, 50 books and 50 medals for all your exploration needs
- Medals, a built in achievement-style system to measure progress and not e-willies
- 10 bosses and lotsa enemies
- 3-4 hour long OST
- Physics and junk (aka it's fun to blow things up)
- Scalable visual engine to automatically turn effects up or down to look its best for your computer
- Lotsa explory, puzzley, actiony moments

Of course anything might change between now and launch.


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