Will TOR 1.5 be easier than the first one?
YES! The biggest improvement is the NPC engine which has drastically been improved. If you've set your team mates to Form up then they will avoid being hit by bad guys at all costs, however Berserk will get them to fire more but chances of being hit are much higher. Also the Team can now have upgrades, and some pretty powerful ones too. Your ship has armour to toughen you up against collisions. Checkpoints prevent frustration. Ballistics attack kills off lots of bad guys in one big blast. Removal of lives makes the game feel less limited.

    Is the new game faster?
The new game has tripled the scroll-speed and there's a new speed boost technique. Effectively throwing you through the level. You can slow down using the brake too. Also the slow-downs have almost been removed, except for major battles of course!

    How big will it be?
Ah. The downside. Currently the uncompressed .cca file is 27mb. zipped its around 16mb, again. It was shrunk down to 14mb when I removed some useless extra's but all the new bits and bobs have upped the filesize. However I cant see the file getting any bigger and it will certainly be under 20mb. But there are many levels each with thier own graphics and environment and lots of things to do.

    What is this 'task' system?
Every level has a sub-task to complete as well as the overall mission (kill all bad guys, defeat boss etc...). These tasks are completely optional but completing them can result in a point increase, secret area's in levels and higher grades, which in turn make it easier to receive some of the secrets. Tasks are also kept completely hidden, there is nothing in cut-scenes or briefings that tell the player what he/she has to do. Completion of the sub-task results in your mission status changing from "Passed" to "Accomplished". Not all levels have tasks, but a good majority do.

    What's the history to the game?
Back in Summer 2002 I got bored of TGF, so I created
Titan Exodus (My last game with TGF) using a little scrolling technique I randomly thought up on holiday. Anyways for some reason it was quite the success! At my home community of Klikforever at least. Soon after its release Biax sent me a lovely email asking somewhere along the lines of "I want to make a sequel, if not I'm going to make my own game", of course I let him :) And it began, Titan Exodus 2 is still in the making after a very long time but from all the screenshots and stuff I know, it is going to be an excellent game indeed. Early 2003 I set about making a prequel; Titan Genesis. Which began the whole story of Titan Exodus 1 and 2. After 6 months however I gave up on it. 6 months later I started work on Titan Exodus Alpha, which was meant to be a short quick bug-fix of Titan Exodus... How it didn't last. I soon totally revamped it and changed the story quite dramatically. TEA was set in a different dimension to the original TE games, but still it took place after Genesis. It was now named Titan Omega Revelations. Titan Genesis and Omega Revelations were both made for college, which explains why the first release of TOR felt rushed. College has since finished letting me finally create and finalize Omega Revelations in what I really wanted it to be.
This game will certainly not be the last in the series; Biax still has TE2 in the making, I have a good story ready for TOR2 (but that wont be in MMF, either in C++, DB or MMF2) and most certainly other sequels in the distant future too.

    im a 'l33t haXXor' and i cant wait to hack the saves!
Good luck! I'm finally putting a solid lock on my save files.

    Are you religious?
Ha a few people have asked me this, no I'm not. I just felt that a religious based storyline would add volumes to the overall feel. All the religious references (Holy Trinity, angels, heaven and hell etc) have all been researched and are probably accurate.

    When is it coming out!?
Next question...

Seriously, my original plan was to clean it out and release it a few days later. And in all fairness I did fix it up in a day or 2, but for some reason or another I thought whilst I'm here I might as well add some new things! Now its been a month since originally starting it back up again and truthfully, it is almost done. I've included everything that I think will make TOR as good as it can be at this moment in time I'm fixing up some bugs. Thankfully there's not many things to do. Then its off to the beta testers to make sure it plays ok. It will be out before September 20th I am making certain of that. This game took(/will take) only 4 months to make in total, I've surprised myself... it took me 6 months to make Titan Genesis which was never even finished.