30 September 2004:
Mini-update. Fixes a few niggles such as the Deimos boss, displays the skipped Newklear logo screen. Like I said; minor things :) unless you have a super fast connection I wouldn't recommend re-downloading it unless you really wanted too. Had a few ideas for a major update... may incorporate them someday.

08 September 2004:
Game is finished! Well it was days ago but I forgot about this place so I've altered the news date a little. Over in the files section.

04 September 2004:
Took a couple of days off, playing Doom 3 and stuff ^_^ then I thought I'd make a new site hoping that I'd get some new ideas for the game. Must work on game!

02 September 2004:
I've compiled a little FAQ's section, going off questions people have emailed in.

31 August 2004:
La la la new screenies! Plenty of pictures now I'm just taking them as I fix all the wee bugs. Oh hey its September tommorow! I also keep feeling that I have to add something big into TOR. But really I've already put a lot of stuff into it. Lets see what happens! :D

30 August 2004:
Security. Yesterday I installed Windows XP SP2 and it got me wondering; security! Originally TOR had double encryption, I've now upped this quite high I've still to count the number of encryption levels in there. Blowfish is activated 4 times that's for sure, there's a zip archive with numerous passwords too. and to top it all off; one final zip (password) of all the save files which is then blowfished. Even the original save file generated is in a weird encryption that I made personally for TOR and the bizarre way that all the data is saved so that's probably semi-unbreakable. Add in the layers of compression/blowfish/zip etc and it becomes over the top! But it works. As they say; security is in the mind.

29 August 2004:
TOR will most certainly be out within 2 weeks. It may even be out in a few days, ive only got to code in a few more Tasks and write out the level briefings. Then its onto the final beta testing :)

27 August 2004:
Welcome one and all to the Titan Omega Revelations minisite! This place was created to explain the innards of the new Omega shoot 'em up.

For those in a state of confusion (something with the Titan series usually causes) Titan Omega Revelations is the remake, or fix up, of a game of mine released earlier this year (2004). Like Marmite you either loved it or hated it. Either way round you probably agreed it was rushed.

WELL THIS IS IT BABY! The remake you may have been waiting for! The bigger, better and downright more chaotic half-sequel! Explore this mini-site. Alas it might not be worthy of a novel but there are some things here such as previously unreleased screenshots and information. Bon appetite!