Titan Genesis [Shooter]

Prequel to Titan Exodus 1 Titan Genesis explains the beginning of the story. Alas it will never be finished. The engine is too buggy and I just have no inspiration at all with this. Ill upload the final beta someday soon. Also this is probably the saddest of all my projects, I spent a good 6 months making this.

Download Trailer (2.09mb)
Download College BETA (8mb) -quite buggy

Turrican Gemi [Platformer]

Yes! ANOTHER Turrican inspired game. This one failed. I managed to make the boss then I gave up. Just 4 levels of madness. In its defence TG is a very large game full of multiple paths to take. This will never be finished but its spirit lives on in Satan Sam 2.

Download demo (1.19mb)

Walker [Arcade]

Walker is based on the old Amiga game of the same title. You play as a baby robot who fell to earth, the baby saw its mother destroyed by humans and now its seeking revenge! Watch out!

Download engine demo (211kb)

Bad Laughing Gnome [Platformer]

Yep, Bad Laughing Gnome. Started work in about 2001 but I never really finished this, I say I, I really mean we. Tom is the co-producer with this game. Bad Laughing Gnome was inspired by a David Bowie song and stars John Swan, who magically gets pulled into a comic book. And to get out he has to collect the gold leaves of a magic talking bush. Game has voices!
Download BETA (3mb)

Trip to the Top [Platformer]

Trip to the Top was a game I devised when I was in France on holiday. It was meant to play like the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 'Casino' levels but be really tall. But it actually turned out to be another side view platformer made in KnP. When I got TGF the first thing I tried was a REAL Trip to the Top but alas it didn't work out. And here it is, in the graveyard.

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