The New Satan Sam is out ! [17 February 06]

It's out. Finally it's out! Check under Games for everything. It's free too so grab it whilst its hot!

Hello again! [14 February 06]

A whole month after my previous update. Hello! I've updated both the grapics and music pages a wee bit. I've also upgraded my Blog and the Satan Sam minisite too.
Oh and please don't steal my graphics. Leeching is annoying as hell, for sites you're leeching to that is. Bandwidth donations are very nice indeed!

I say Sorry too much [14 January 06]

I keep forgetting to mention this; I have uploaded a full gameplay video of The New SatanSam in action. Here for high quality, here for low quality.

Satan Sam nearing completion [28 December 05]

Sorry for the lack of updates on this site. The New Satan Sam is coming to an end soon. I'm currently beta testing it along with some trusted friends. I hope to have it out very soon, it could be a day or a month, but the game will be complete. I've also set up a Paypal donation thing! So cummon, if you like my games and would like to contribute so I can keep making them then look here

The New SatanSam trailer [23 August 05]

Well my import order of Nintendogs has been delayed until next week. But I've managed to whip up a Satan Sam trailer. Go look here or here.

Time for an update [10 August 05]

I've been working on a lot of images and designs recently, and its about time I updated my site to cater for these works. Should be something new in every category up on that there menu, especially GFX. Remember keep up to date on my projects in my [dev]blog, screenshots and downloads frequent there.

Interestingly I've added some H.264 videos up in GFX. They're big and need Quicktime 7 but at a high resolution and very good quality.

The New SatanSam [10 July 05]

Well I'm going away tommorow (Spain for 10 days ^_^) but I've managed to whip up an announcement; SatanSam minisite is up and in full swing. There. its announced. at least 1 thing off my chest.

Titan Omega mag stuff [19 April 05]

I suppose now is the time to announce that TOR1.5 has been in Bravo and Enter, I think. but its directly been in 2 mags and 1 publisher firm from the Czech republic has gotten ahold of it and said they are willing to distrobute it throughout a number of magazines in europe but are unable to say which ones and cannot send me free issues. oh well! at least my names being spread around. and more people wanting to play TOR2 ;) expect scans when im near a scanner. Shikuns been in a few mags too, about 3 or so. Annoying thing is 1 mag didnt tell me Titan Omega had been included and about 3 didnt tell me about Shikun! evul i tell thee.

Some problems [17 April 05]

There has been some kind of database failure, so for the time being the forum is being suspended. Blog is in full swing still but it has been wiped. which is a bit of a pain! thank god there wasn't too much there! Oh and ive changed the splash page too! inspired by
Tigers page.

50 Cent's 'procedure'[14 April 05]

Who'd a thought it? Rappers big cheese wears a colostomy bag. Now who's full of it! Apparently he dosn't seem phased by his procedure, it didnt stop him filming his "In Da Club" video, which was quite messy. So my spy's tell me. Discuss this, and any other News info In Da

Mines a lemon [29 March 05]

Christus its been 6 months since the last frontpage update. But its a biggun! A new site design is underway with a cool ass forum and a blog and other useless junk. But perhaps the greatest of all updates is that SatanSam 3.5 works dandy in Non-IE web browsers, thanks to me now using an Apple PowerBook (SWEET JESUS its the best machine I have ever used) and getting to grips with Dreamweaver instead of Frontpage.

In other news i've become slightly more 'pro' by actually sticking to projects now, currently working on a massive RPG called Madventures of the Love Rockets and the sequel to Titan Omega Revelations. After them i dont know what will become of clicker-me.

Other than that feel free to look around at some of the new files and pages from this fresh update :)

Forever now [28 September 04]

BT have finally acknowledged that us folk inth'ills want broadband so finally... I have it! And to celebrate my now fast connection I've updated the site and have uploaded a whole plethora of new files including some game updates and new video's. Explore the site and be happy! I'd also like to announce that Shikun 2 is in production :)


The omega [08 September 04]

Completed Titan Omega Revelations, uploading now. In other news I've removed the side bar on this page, didn't like it much to begin with. So go! NOW! But it is 17mb, so 56k users beware. Although 17mb should download within 2 hours if your nice to your connection.


The forever project [22 August 04]

As a very happy bunny I'd like to say I'm off too Huddersfield University come october or whenever it starts! Ill be doing Games Programming too! so expect some of my games going into glorious 3D! The next 3 years are going to be an incredible experience.


Omega lives on [11 August 04]

First let me say has received 50,000 hits since its birth on the 13th July 2004! I'd also like to mention that Shikun has had over 10,000 downloads! I cant say exactly how many though (technical things). I think that's astonishing especially since I haven't submitted it to any search engine other than Google.
But for more pressing issues; I've been working on Titan Omega Revelations V2. Let me say its a beautiful thing. Read more in the previews section! WITH SCREENSHOTS!

inalizing... [20 July 04]

I've spent the last few days finalizing the site both on and offline. Now it should be done the only new things appearing should be files and not makeovers! But anyways, everything here should now be working or so the Frontpage Reports tell me. And a little note; expect some scans of 2 european magazines that have Shikun on thier coverdiscs! Proper bo.

Lucky number 13? [13 July 04]

Due to unforseen problems, my (shared) old server died but luckily I just got my own hosting with unlimited everything! In order to celebrate this new lease of life I've remade SatanSam V3 to make Firefox Evolved. I've also uploaded a Titan Genesis and Bad Laughing Gnome abandonware BETA's and a load more videos. Enjoy the newness! is mine!

elcome! Take a nice comfy seat! [02 July 04]

For some reason I've decided to update my sites layout. We're now onto the 3rd version of (Previous versions being Noir, BlueHawk and the brand spanking new FireFox). Enjoy the new look, I'm quite proud of this one being all pixely and stuff :) and without a single Photoshop enhanced thing for a change. This new site took just 1 day to make.

Everything, unless otherwise stated, on this site is from the hands of James Whitehead. Or occasionally Tom Engels or Caroline Powrie. All your base sure do belong to us. email me at if you have any questions or comments. 2004