Please note some of these are my old tunes. You may need to download Modplug Player from (PC) or look for CocoModX (Mac) but its worth it. AND FREE! But the MP3's are friendlier and will play in anything.

.MP3 Files

RPG test theme (unused theme, 1.4mb)
Project (unused university project, 2.9mb)
Silly Smooth Way (Lemon Jelly inspired track, 2.3mb)
Sam Training (kinda relaxed lounge-ish, 800kb)
Thing (orchestral sketch music, 800kb)

.WMA Files (Windows Media Audio)

Mario 64 World 1 Piano recording (experimental, 0.27mb)
Great Bath scary piano mix (experimental, 0.75mb)
Duplex 1.24mb

Shaggy for tea (funny!) 1.44mb

.MOD files (Modular)

Module 2 (Still no name, my fave piece to date. Very piano-etic!)
Evanualsis (In similar style to Module 2. Does NOT play properly in Winamp, even V5.)
Overture! (A chord structure I developed a long time ago, now mod! and i love it ^_^)
Cool.s3m (i actually really like this song and I'll probably have to finish it someday)
Classic style (i don't actually know why I did this but its multipointal and half-imaginative)
Funny (FUNNY!)
Halleluj (Inspired by Frontier Psychiatrist, bizarre to say the least)
Hurrah (quite bad theme music from a TV Documentary I helped film)
Prebattle (Samurai pre-battle music)
LevelONE! (This NEEDS to be finished i love it!)
Original Genesis Theme (old, not excellent, but I tried at a theme :)


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