The New Satan Sam [Platform Adventure]

Sam, the lone survivor of a village in the Red Lands has been knocked out for some time, as he awakes he realises things aren't right at all...[READ MORE]

-Download full game (30mb)
-Download video trailer (30mb)


Titan Omega 1.5 [Space Shooter]

This is a massive update to TOR, almost a new game completely. Hundreds of improvements including health, new weapons, no known bugs, faster and easier...[READ MORE]

-Download full game (17mb)
-Download video trailer (3mb)

Samurai Mk2 [Fighting]

Samurai is a unique fighting game based on the ancient samurai balance of Wisdom (Stratgey) and Speed (Reaction). All the worlds Samurai-class fighters have been gathered ... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (4.6mb)

Jetball [Sports]

Futuristic basketball madness. Originally intended as a multiplayer game, Jetball also has a single player function and supports up to 4 players... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (1.5mb)

Titan Omega Revelations [Space Shooter]

Titan Omega Revelations is a space shooter, similar to such classics as R-Type and co. TOR depicts the life changing adventure of 4 pilots in search of the elusive and destructive 'Core' whose soul aim is to destroy earth...[READ MORE]

-Download full game (15mb)
-Download video trailer (3mb)

Catalyst Sigma [Arcade]

Based on a game I made many years back, Catalyst Sigma follows the game style of Catalyst (2000).... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (1.5mb)


Shikun [Arcade]

The aim of Shikun is to catch chickens using 1 of 13 characters, each with their own stats that affect the game type... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (5mb)
-Download demo game (For fanatics obviously; 3mb)
-Download video trailer (1.6mb)

Neroman [Arcade Platformer]

This was just a college project (Year 1, Unit 6), god knows why I'm putting it in here... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (5mb)

Samurai [Fighting]

Samurai is quite a bizarre little game. Its my first fighting (I use that term in the loosest sense) game... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (5mb)


Paintwar IV: Crossfire [Shooter]

Now then! Paintwar Crossfire is its name and paintballing is its game!... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (1.8mb)

Satan Sam [Platformer]

Sam... what can I say! Sam is my little mascot, firstly appearing in a dream and very VERY old games (1997)... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (3mb)

Paintwar 3: North Isle [Shooter]

Right after PW2 came PW3! This is a weird little creation. In this 3rd edition of Paintwar you take control of a team of soldiers and you have to shoot down the enemy... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (3mb)

Paintwar 2 [Shooter]

One of my best games ever? Maybe. Paintwar 2 was a surprise hit, released only onto a couple of click sites PW2 enjoyed an unusual wave of fans... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (2.9mb)

Titan Exodus [Shooter]

Titan Exodus you say? Titan Exodus is an arcade space shooter and is quite old looking. Infact I'd say its the ugliest game I've made BUT it did something right... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (1.03mb)


Paintball War [Shooter]

Another one of my classics, in PW you face many levels in many modes with many bad guys!... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (2.44mb)

Virtual Sheep [virtual pet]

One of my first TGF games. In this game you play a farmer who looks after his sheep. Nice huh?... [READ MORE]

-Download full game (4.45mb)

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